September 8, 2016



RAID Data Recovery Services For All Raid Servers

Our Data recovery service gives you the best Option for the PROFESSIONAL RAID3 DATA RECOVERY. Whether you have RAID4 with two drives which are in Off-Line or it is a NAS device to which you can’t connect, DATA RECOVERY BENGALURU Experts will recover your Data Back.

RAID5 provides high secure and protects data from data loss chances. RAID6/Server use the multiple ways to distribute the data in hard drives, those are named as RAID7 levels. RAID8 0, RAID9 1, RAID10 3, RAID11 5, RAID12 10 etc.., Raid13 has highly fault-tolerant level and Great System for Increasing speed and availability of data as it offers considerably more data protection than Non-RAID14 disk Systems. And the Management of those disks and data distribution is quite Complex.

RAID15 is stated as, SHORT FOR REDUNDANT ARRAY OF INDEPENDENT DISKS, a category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance. Simply a Group of hard disks with different configuration combines and work together to avoid data losses.

We Can Recover the RAID16 data from all Businesses like Telecom, Government, Financial, Insurance, Biotech, Manufacturing, Retail, Data Centers etc..,

Generally, The User Data in RAID17/NAS Server can be store data by using Data Storage Techniques like:

  • Striping.
  • Mirroring.
  • Parity
  • Combining all the above.


  • Controller damage – some times configuration in raid19 server is lost due to RAID20 controller failure. Here when we replace controller with new one the configuration doesn’t remains same, here major data loss can occur in RAI21D?Server.
  • Logical Failures – Logical Failures in RAID22/Server due to file system damage, accidentally deletion of files and failure to master book record. This shows Logical failure and this includes viruses/malware which get affect and disable the drives in RAID23 array.
  • Single and Multiple Drive Failures – Some times in RAID24 5 array server if there is a failure in single hard drive, it may go unnoticed. Like that if Second hard drive fails then automatically server will down in this cases lot of data may loss.
  • Natural Disaster failure – Here nature failure in RAID25/server nothing but the causes due to Human errors, fire, flood and power damages from surges will cause server-level data loss
  • When Array Rebuild got Fail.
  • RAID26 Array is Broken due to Bad drive
  • Hardware Conflicts.


We can provide you a set of RAID27 Data Recovery Services such as listed below :

RAID28 Level 0 (stripe) Data RecoveryRAID29 Level 1 (mirror) Data RecoveryRAID30 Level 2 (ECC) Data Recovery
RAID31 Level 3(parity) Data RecoveryRAID32 Level 4 (parity) Data RecoveryRAID33 Level 5 (distributed parity) Data Recovery
RAID34 Level 6 (distributed parity) Data RecoveryRAID35 Level 0+1 (combined and derived) Data RecoveryRAID36 Level 10 Data Recovery
RAID37 Level 7 Data RecoveryRAID38 Level 50 Data RecoveryNAS BOX Data Recovery

RAID39 0 data recovery:
RAID40 0 provides data striping without redundancy by this the performance of the RAID41 0 increases. If any disk fails then all the data present in the RAID42 array loss. Data recovery bengaluru can recover back your RAID43 0 array data.
RAID44 1 data recovery:
RAID45 1 provides data mirroring and duplexing. Here the read and write transactions will happens in single disk, due to some errors data loss occurs.
Data Recovery experts can recover back your RAID46 1 Data.
RAID47 5 data recovery:
RAID48 5 is the most popular configuration of all data storage subsystems. Here we can combine multiple physical hard disks into arrays that works like single logic disk. If two hard disks will fails at once the data loss occurs and also due to parity. In these cases submit your hard drive to our experts they easily recover your RAID49 5/server.

At first we can evaluate the RAID50 by the Data Recovery Experts, they give the diagnosis report by defining exact nature of the problem. During the Diagnosis We extract the Image of an Failed Hard drives. After your Approval we Extract the data From that image and we exract data from each hard drive and recover the RAID51 data and give it to you.


RAID52 Data Recovery Cost

Our Raid53 Data Recovery services offering you affordable data recovery cost for all raid54 arrays and servers.Below Details will explain the  price for Rid Level Recovery:



RAID55 and Server Data Recovery

Time Period – 1 to 3 Days



Rebuilding RAID56 Configuration Which has Corrupted



Rs. 12,000/- Plus

Depending on Drives Health and RAID57 software



Case 1:

Construction of RAID58 Failure due to Configuration Error and Damaged File Structure Data Recovery

Case 2:

Disk Error Recovery like Sector Issues Recovery (CRC/IO/BAD Sectors)



Recovery from

SCSI, SAS, ESATA, ATA, SATA and All Media Types and Rebuilding RAID59 Configurations.



Rs. 16,000/- to Rs. 22,000/- Plus

Depending on Drives Health and

RAID60 Software

Time Period – 2 to 4 Days


Physical Damage Data Recovery

Media Recovery from

SCSI, SAS, ESATA, ATA, SATA and RAID61 Configurations


Rs. 30,000/- Plus

Time Period: 12 to 18 Days

Data Recovery Bengaluru for RAID62 Data Recovery:

Our Technical experts are ready to recover the data from all kinds of RAID63 Arrays and Servers also Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows Server, Unix, Linux and Apple X serve. Our Engineers are expert experienced in Raid64 Recovery and quality that helps you get your business up and moving fast without data loss issues.

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