September 8, 2016

Hard Disk Data Recovery


Are you looking for professional hard drive disaster recovery center in Bangalore region? Contact professional data recovery Bengaluru experts for best desktop hard disk data recovery Assistance and also for better data extraction results! Our experts recover data from any kind of dead hard disk.


Failure Hard Disk Data Recovery services

Hard Disks are very important to save the data. It is used in every part of the hardware systems for storing the data. Starting from the Business documents up to Memories everything we store in hard disks.The horror comes when a fine day we connect it to the PC/Laptops its not get Detected?? And it’s similar like when we lose our home keys at the time when the spare keys were lost. its is due to hdd failure/ hdd data loss.

So don’t be panic! Data Recovery Bengaluru is here to recover data from your failed hdd. By increasing the technologies in the world its simple to recover complete data lossed due to hdd crash. Here when you submit your hard drive we kept it for analysis and here we know the causes occurred in your failed hdd and once your approval we apply hard disk recovery methods in your hard disk and extract back your 100% data.

Data Recovery Bengaluru provides you Four types of Hard disk Data Recovery :

  • Laptop Hard disk Data Recovery

  • Desktop Hard disks Data Recovery

  • Camera Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • Mini/External/Portable/USB Hard disk Data Recovery


  1. Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

In the present technology laptops are playing crucial roles as storage and performance. We can store large amount of data like images, documents, videos and more. Sometimes hard drive crashes occur. Due to this data will completely wipe off and data loss failures occur.

Most of the laptop data loss failures occur due to the accidental fall down, OS corruptions, Power Failures and Virus/Malware Attacks. Don’t worry! We handle failures of any kind of laptops and give you the best laptop hard drive data recovery services in Bangalore region.

Our Technical team is expertise in clean room lab data recovery. We recovered so many laptops till date. Contact our experts for professional data recovery services.

  1. Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Desktops plays one of the major role to store data in a professional way. Most of the industries and IT Sectors use Desktops to improve confidentiality with data. Sometimes desktop hard drive failures occur unexpectedly. Users use free data recovery software’s which are available in the internet, but those will damage data structure and it leads to critical data recovery solutions for professionals.

Don’t worry! Basically data loss failures are quite common. Data loss occurs due to Power Surges, Virus Attacks and more. Our engineers have capable of reconstructing data from any kind of desktop hard drives. No matter that the brand you are using consult us, we have Data Recovery Solutions.

  1. Camera Hard Drive Data Recovery:

Digital camera stores huge amount of images or videos. The Camera gives us the exact output in Quality, clarity, infinite resolution and everything from this we can easily manipulate with the graphics program and print.

Kodak, Sony and Nikon are the some of the big manufactures. The usage of the DSLR Cameras is they are fast at processing and inexpensive too. Data loss occurs due to the system failure, unfortunately formatting or deletion of files, due to fall down and virus attacks.

Then why late! Contact to our data recovery service center, our experts recover the data from any type of file formats like CR2, NEF, ORF, PEF and RAF Files. No matter which failure, it is, we retrieve the data back.

  1. External Hard Drive Data Recovery:

Portable Hard drives are the one of the convenient storage devices to store information in day to day life. It has a capability of storing huge data and more reliability that can be used by travelers, end users and business people.

USB Hard drives used to back up important documents, Photos, music and more. Now-a-days it has USB 3.0 Interfaces which can increase the data speed to transfer data, earlier Micro 2.0 ports are available.

External Hard drive failures occur due to device overheating, dropped, Power Surges and more. Don’t Panic! Our Technical team is ready to recover the data from your device.


We Recover the data from below operating system/File system :


2. LINUX – Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, ReiserFS




Here we will provide you small description about the changes occurs in hdd failure given below:

In case of Laptops and Desktops while you turn on your system it shows for REBOOT THE SYSTEM or BLUE SCREEN or UNRESPONSIVENESS, etc.., BE ALERT! When you observe these types of changes in your PC/LAPTOP it shows there are some issues in your HARD DISK and DISK FAILURE condition.

Our Tip : Don’t turn on your system repeatedly and Don’t try to REINSTALL your operating system. some times OVER WRITTEN of data will occurred. Just  TURN OFF your system and Bring down your Hard disk for Recovery.


There are many reasons to loss the data in the Hard drives. Generally like:

  1. Physical/Mechanical Failure.
  2. Electronic Failure.
  3. Mechanical Failure.
  4. Logical Failure.
  5. Firmware failure

There are several problems for the hard disk failure. hard disk crash happens when hard drive might have any software issues like bad sectors on hard disk platters, firmware issues, operating system faults and any viruses or malware.

  1. Here Hard disk Physical Failure / Mechanical Failure leads to read/write head damage, motor damage and damage on disk platters. The Hard disk may be the internal/external or USB we will analyse the problem of the hard drive and recover data back to you.
  2. Electronic failure in  the hard disk occurs when there is a damages in the hard disk PCB board due to power line flickers.
  3. You can identify Hard drive firmware failures when your hard disk will not recognised on boot up process.
  4. In some cases hard disk will work and we cannot access some or all of your data then it should be a Logical Failure. Here don’t try to add any data from your healthy hard drive why because once the data re added into that hard disk it leads to over written hence it cannot possible to get back data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools and Recovery:

We maintain 100% clean room lab to recover the data from any kind of failure in hard drive. Our Expert team maintain Highly specialized data recovery tools and software in order to save the hard drive from data loss.

We recover data from all kinds of brands and manufactures which are mentioned below:

Apple iMacHP
Apple MacLG
and more

hard disk recovery


For Each Hard disk we Use the different Recovery Methodologies to Recover back the data in a Clean room lab with the control of experts in Quickly and most cost effective ways to satisfy the Clients.

We Successfully Recovering data since 6 years in Hard disks issues associated with logical failures, Electric/ mechanical failures including Head Stack Assembly Damage and Motor Control Failures. We follow our Standard Data Recovery techniques which is Designed to Recover maximum data Successfully.

The Data Recovery Techniques, Processes and Methods that are all strictly adopt guarantee’s in highest yields, quickest turn around time and of course the cost effective solutions.

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